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Build a Recovery Room for Better Health

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A Commercial-Grade, Clinic and Gym Solution Unlike Any Other

As the industry leader in Compression therapy, GLADI8R is setting a new standard for clinic and gym owners, recovery experiences across North America. Our comprehensive, commercial-grade solutions create a one-of-a-kind member experience while simultaneously driving your business further.

Benefits to the business

Member Experience

Provide added value to existing and new customers with GLADI8R's unique, commercial offerings that are visually appealing and functional.


Educate your doctors, trainers and staff  with unique guides, coaching and support offerings by GLADI8R.


Create new revenue streams with memberships, device rental, and retail opportunities.



Appeal to a broad customer base and reach a larger segment of members with enticing products and services.


GLADI8R Scientific References

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We exist to unify the high performance* commnuity.  Devoted to unlocking potential through community, innovation, and all things education. 

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